“Naam, the Arab woman will make the most impactful changes to society through her achievements in sustainable development and social responsibility”

We aim to communicate with achiever women to empower ambitious women.

Our philosophy

Our Story

The founder of NAAM is a lady from the Middle east who was brought up in the Lebanese civil war and despite all, had a very successful both scientific and entrepreneurial careers, till she reached 3 highest Lebanese official awards titles and 6 times Forbes most influential MEA Women list.

Our current regional situation: looking for true idols Despite the social, cultural, political, economic, and personal hardships faced by women in the Arab world, female achievers have shone and delivered success after success across various professional fields in the Arab region. From health and science, to politics and economy, fashion and arts, and the NGO and humanitarian world, women have succeeded in providing high impact work to better develop their fields and communities around them. Hence, NAAM, the Program for Women Empowerment…


“NAAM” stands for “Nadi AlArabiya AlMonjiza” , and this means “yes” in Arabic. It’s is a professional social networking platform designed for achiever women, both on a virtual and real levels. Achievers from all professional categories are welcome to register to our platform based on a selection of criteria decided by the jury.

Achiever women share their achievements in the service of sustainable development and social responsibility through exchanging with the Arab youth:

1. Their success stories as role models to guide and show them the path to success.

2. Their experience within the sustainable development programs, each in his field of expertise.

This initiative falls within the implementation of the recommendations of the Arab Leagues on social responsibility in accordance with the United Nations sustainable development goals. (SDG). Specifically, this program comes within the framework of empowering women in various sectors, to stimulate their success in achieving all goals.

Our goal

We Believe that achievers can have a sustainable positive impact and could be role models by:

A - Unifying region capabilities for an impactful improvement of the society on the personal and on the macro level, allowing assistance between the different society layers ‘sharing for caring’.

B - Gathering all achiever women in a network in order to share their success stories in different sectors and areas with the ambitious generation, hence rebuilding trust in our capabilities, is the first aim from the forum.

C - Show the bright image of our population, empowering female’s in highlighting their achievements regionally within their area of expertise, while being role model of new generations.

NAAM Chapters

Qudwa (World Association of Achievers)
(Achiever highlighting his story to be a role model to any ambitious young person seeking a way to follow)

  1. WAAW
    ( World association of Achiever Women )
    1. Arab Achiever Women
    2. Nagham Achiever Women
  2. WAAM
    ( World association of Achiever Men )
    1. Arab Achiever Men
    2. Achiever Men